“Louis vs Schmeling” is a 25-year passion project amongst our filmmaking team. The story of Joe Louis, a black man rising as a fighter and reluctant hero in a particularly turblent racial climate, and Max Schmeling, a German fighter who refused to become a Nazi, crosses racial divides and is particularly relevant to today.
Our team is comprised of a group of highly-accomplished filmmakers, with many years in the industry.


Bill DukeBill Duke, our director (and longtime actor, having co-starred in “Car Wash,”“Predator” and “Menace II Society, among numerous others) has lensed dozens of hours of classic television, and movies including “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit,” Deep Cover” and “The Cemetery Club.”



Joel EisenbergJoel Eisenberg, also our screenwriter, is a writer and producer, known for “April Showers” and his acclaimed series of fantasy novels with Steve Hillard,The Chronicles of Ara.” All of the men are longtime boxing fans.



Gilbert AdlerGilbert Adler, our co-screenwriter, is the veteran producer of “Tales from the Crypt” for television, and the features “Valkyrie” with Tom Cruise, “Superman Returns,” “Constantine” and more.